Compostable and Sustainable packaging products and materials

We supply a wide range of biocompostable plastic packaging films and articles including printed and metalised materials.

Our compostable and sustainable packaging materials are produced from natural, sustainable sources that are not oil based and are carbon neutral. They have Din Certco approval and in many instances are produced from Natureworks materials.

We specialize in compostable and sustainable packaging materials and products including:
  • Single ply, barrier, thermoformable and multi layer films and sheet easy peel top webs
  • Plain or printed bags (eg confectionary bags)
  • Compostable, lined cardboard boxes (eg cereal packets)
  • Thermoformed or Injection Moulded items such as: trays; tubs; plates; (cold fill); salad bowls (lidded); glasses (printed or plain); cutlery; sandwich packs; inserts etc.
  • PSA labels
  • Pallet wrap, cling film and stretch wrap
  • Metallised PLA and Barrier PLA Film
  • Adhesives, coatings and inks all of which meet the IEN3432 compostable standards.
Octopus Packaging are working in conjunction with our suppliers and to develop the benefits and potential usage for PLA Films and combinations. We are able to supply the first truly 100% compostable film laminate based on combinations of PLA Films - this is a Polythene replacement which can be made in to Bags and Reels and to provide a compostable base material for Flexible laminates.

We have developed our own formulations to ensure optimum machineability, processability and performance. The reduced energy demands during processing make these very energy efficient materials.

"The Ideal Sustainable Cycle"

Material: Grown in the soil, converted to product, used, recycled where possible, composted & returned to the soil.

In an industrial composter the material composts down to carbon dioxide and water alone, with no other residuals in 45 - 90 days (longer in a domestic compost heap).

In these days of Global Warming, with the desire to move away from oil based products plus the opportunity to reduce energy consumption, our materials should be seriously considered as they offer viable and effective alternatives to oil based packaging.

Octopus Packaging have many exciting and innovative developments underway, availiable in the next few months, so please do keep an eye on our news page to check for new compostable and sustainable packaging products.

Contact us now to discuss how to make a positive contribution with your product packaging - note: just because its not listed here does not mean we cant provide it!